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Speed up your processes with RMail’s e-sign feature now available for Landlord Manager for Sage users.


When working in a time-challenging environment every opportunity to be more efficient is important. Landlord Manager for Sage provides the tools to streamline your administrative duties, our integration with RMail will help you finalise deals quicker, giving you a competitive advantage.

RMail offers an advanced solution for e-mails with electronic signatures. Their services will help your business move more quickly. This will mean that tenancies can be signed without arranging meetings or waiting for the postman. By simply attaching RMail’s e-sign feature, you will give the recipient the ability to sign legally bound documents online. This saves valuable time but also more opportunities to bring income in quicker.


The Benefits to More Time & Money

Whether you are a landlord or letting agent it is important that you provide a great service for your clients. If you can streamline your workload you will have more opportunities to offer more and the knock on effects can be financially huge without impacting on your resources.

Word of mouth can play a significant role in business growth and if you can go that extra mile for your tenants then they will not only remain loyal to you but they will recommend you to others too, it won’t be long before you have an advantage over your competitors.


Improving efficiency with Landlord Manager for Sage

It isn’t just the link with RMail that will help your time management, the software solution includes numerous features to ensure that your hours aren’t wasted or productivity damaged.

The CRM is a purpose built database to record and log all information relating to your portfolio from property details to tenancy records, easily accessible and searchable. This will save time when you are looking for information but the information can be repurposed when a property becomes vacant making it easy to upload to property portals.

Landlord Manager is the only landlord and letting agent software solution to integrate seamlessly with Sage 50 and Sage 50 Essentials, the UK’s number 1 accountancy solution. This unique features simplifies accounting for the user as financial data entered in Landlord Manager feeds directly to Sage and vice-versa, reducing the amount of data-entry required.

Having your financials in Sage also helps manage cash flow and late payers, this is essential for business survival.

Although Landlord Manager is a desktop-based solution it can be hosted in the cloud, this offers flexibility for users as they are able to access the system out of the office.


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For a limited time we are offer Sage 50 Essentials for free for new Landlord Manager users. 
RMail e-sign improves efficiency
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