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Are you looking for a solution for your future? Property management software in 2017 has the tools that will help you improve the way you manage your portfolio and financials.


Landlord Manager for Sage is an evolving software solution loaded with tools that will streamline the workload required when managing a property business. When you’re time is precious it is important that you make the most of it.


Sage 50 2017

As autumn approaches, the days become cooler, the evenings get darker and accountants wait for the latest edition of Sage 50. Sage have been releasing accountancy software since the early 80’s and it has grown with technology.

As an early adaptor to accounting software Sage have a loyal customer base which has seen them carefully adapt with the times without alienating its current users. The latest version of Sage 50 is again subtle with its changes and again it is compatible with Landlord Manager for Sage.

The latest editions will improve the user-experience with features included to:

  What’s new with Landlord Manager for Sage in 2017?

Along with the property management software being compatible with the latest version of Sage 50 there are some new features that will improve efficiency and productivity within your business without adding to your workload.

We have teamed up with a couple of other solutions to add more value to Landlord Manager.


Paperless is more than just a digital solution

Don’t just minimise the paper on your desk, reduce your processes too with automated functions, developed to not only do the work for you but do it faster too.

The document management system use invoice recognition technology, data input and document matching, simplifying the administrative side to reduce the amount of manual data entry required and improve your cash flow.

For more information on Paperless visit their website.


E-Sign with RMail

Getting important documents such as contracts and tenancy agreements signed off has never been so easy thanks to RMail. The quicker that paperwork is signed for, the sooner rent can be collected and using RMail makes it simple.

Find out more on RMail on their website.


For a limited time only we will be giving Sage 50 Essentials away for non-users.


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