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Landlord Manager 365 is an ‘all-in-one’ cloud based landlord software solution that offers value-for-money and more.


As a landlord, what problems do you face?

  • Shortage of time
  • Managing finances
  • Maintaining properties
  • Communicating with tenants

If so, we have a solution for you!

It’s not easy being a landlord, especially in 2017 with tax changes and new legislations making the job much more complicated. This is before you even consider your day-to-day challenges that your properties and tenants come up with.

Running a business requires more than you’d think and it can be overwhelming when you try to juggle several hats. Prioritising is key to success, you’ll easily benefit when you have a system in place that reduces your workload, consolidating your daily tasks.

These days, the 9 to 5 structure is fading away, as is the need to be sat at a desk thanks to the ‘cloud’, a generous gift that the internet has given us. This is particularly useful for landlords when it comes to communicating with tenants (who probably work 9 to 5) and working out of the office (viewing/managing properties).

Work in the Cloud

With LM 365 you got a solution accessible 365/24/7 on your desktop computers, laptop and tablet devices with connection to the internet. Having flexibility to your working day allows time to be used more efficiently, helping business growth and improvements in the service you provide.

When it comes to multi-tasking, LM 365 will condense your to-do list and minimise any headaches that arise from trying to keep on top of such a hectic workload. Managing your properties, tenancies and your suppliers in one solution makes everything so much easier.

Manage financials with Sage 50 Essentials

You don’t just get a full property management toolkit with LM 365, you get a copy of Sage 50c Essentials too! Together they make the perfect partnership. The true 2-way seamless integration offers a unique feature, data entered in one system feeds directly into the other. This reduces your data entry, the likelihood for human error occurring and you’ ll have the ability to view your financials in real-time.

With your financial data always on hand you can easily monitor cash flow, generate profit & loss reports on a property or portfolio and forecast future budgets, all in a format recognised by the majority of accountants.

More information is available here.

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