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Property Management Software for Sage Landlord edition!


The role of being a landlord is becoming increasingly challenging. With new legislations and guidelines introduced such as Right to Rent and tenant expectations increasing, there has never been so much pressure on landlords.


Portfolio Types

Whether you manage residential properties, student accommodation, HMOs or small commercial lets Landlord Manager will help you get the most from your portfolio.



Property management software is available to streamline the workload which landlords face on a daily basis. When a system such as Landlord Manager for Sage is implemented, landlords can focus more on providing a service for their tenants and maintaining their properties instead of tedious administrative tasks.

Using software developed specifically for landlords will help improve organisation for its users as features are included to simplify processes, the office diary will improve communication for all parties and centralise important documents.



When you are working in an organised CRM system you save time which can be reinvested into other areas within the business. Databases are included for property records and tenancies which can be linked together, making it easier to monitor. Every activity during a tenancy is automatically logged and viewable in a timeline. This helps to keep tenant relations healthy.

Productivity is improved when data entry tasks are minimised and if your team are working to full capacity then money can be saved too.



Time and money can also be saved thanks to the software integrating seamlessly with Sage. Data entered in Landlord Manager is fed to Sage, a format recognised by over 90% of accountants. This will not only minimise fees for accountants,  Sage is a powerful accounting engine offering financial reports, using real-time data to ensure that your portfolio is being managed as economically as possible and cash flow is easy to monitor. The payment collection process can be sped up using SagePay or GoCardless


Applicants and Property Matching

That isn’t the only way to boost revenue from your properties. It is important to minimise vacancies in your portfolio. The software offers a number of solutions for this including the applicant centre and property matching facilities which will help increase occupancy rates without having to advertise.


Property Management

During a tenancy it is common that a maintenance job is requested. This could include a faulty boiler, electrical problems or even external building work. When a tenant puts in a work order the job can be logged, budgeted for and monitored efficiently in the software. The supplier centre is where you can log the details of your trusted tradesmen. This will ensure that your tenants are happy to remain in your property and that your properties are maintained so that they don’t lose value.



As a landlord you probably find yourself out of the office. Although Landlord Manager is a desktop-based solution it can be hosted in the cloud. This allows users to log in via a remote desktop connection and use the software when they have an internet connection, bringing flexibility to your working day.



Once the software is up-and-running it won’t be long until you see a ROI. Software for landlords has never been so affordable. 


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Screenshot Landlord Management for Sage Screenshot for Property Management Software driven by Sage


Property Database

Monitor all your properties with Landlord Manager

Tenancy Centre

How well do you know your tenants?

Office Diary

Improve productivity with the Office Diary


Financials in a format recognised by over 90% of accountants

Work Orders

Maintain your portfolio more economically


Your Little Black Book for Suppliers and Tradesmen

Applicant Centre

Fill vacancies ASAP with the applicant centre


Piecing your portfolio together

Manage the following…

Residential Lets

Manage residential portfolio to the highest-standard

Commercial Lets

Get the most out of your small commercial portfolio

Student Accommodation

Provide care when managing Student Accommodation


Simplify the invoicing process for HMO properties