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Town & Country Estates has been trading for over 26 years with branches in Trowbridge and Westbury. Just over two years ago we decided to open a lettings department to compliment the estate agency. During the early months of our new lettings venture we simply used our existing estates database to track our enquiries along with a spreadsheet and our usual accounts software, Sage.

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Town and Country, UK Jan Thomas

I started the business in 2005 with a view to flipping properties, I soon realised rentals were the way to go. Having run a trading company before, I had used Sage and found it to be excellent software that my accountant knew inside out. The biggest problem here was that no other software was compatible.

I bought several other packages that were front end property software but found them both missing valuable information and that I was inputting the same amount of data twice, I used them both for a short period of time as it was time consuming and the software still didn't give me enough coverage to either stop using Sage or no benefit using both.

Then I saw an advertisement for Landlord Manager for Sage, having already spent money on two other pieces of software at a high cost, I was apprehensive and decided to just have a half-hearted look at the video presentations. I was excited by what I saw, especially as it could be integrated with Sage. I was still very apprehensive as I had been completely unhappy with my previous purchases. I watched the video's a few more times and flicked through the information on the website. I decided to purchase the product with a view to waste more of my hard earned money, at that point, the only thing swaying me was the integration with Sage. As soon as it was installed, I couldn't stop inputting information and playing with what it can do. It integrates perfectly with Sage and between the two products I can do absolutely EVERYTHING a property owner should be able to, I was surprised at to how easy it was to navigate around and run reporting on every aspect of the business.

My time analysing information from running two different pieces of software has been drastically reduced, freeing me to do the most important part of my job, property management. In a nutshell, the software runs seamlessly with Sage, has every report you could ever need, does not let you miss any documents at any point of a tenancy with comprehensive check lists, reduces your time sat at the computer rather than managing the properties, it is easy to navigate and very easy to use in a short space of time.

Finally, the absolute best part of Landlord Manager For Sage is the ongoing support, one of my biggest hates is when something happens, support is not there, I have had to use support a few times (all through my misuse of the software) and I the support has been second to none, it was as though me not being able to use the software was as big a worry for them as it was for me. On one occasion when I had absolutely no clue how I had managed to stop both pieces of software running together Bill simply told me not to worry, took both my back ups remotely and the next morning, installed both and I was up and running again. That is something you do not see very often.

Well done to these guys, they care, the support is excellent and most of all the software is better than you could ever hope for. The reasonable cost makes it an absolute must. I have trialled lots of software for property management but this one actually delivers.

Sitwell Lettings Lisa Cusack, owner