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Thomas (Hampshire) Ltd are a private company based in Hampshire who own and manage business parks as well as running a warehousing division offering a full range of services.

The Challenge

Following the closure of a commercial garage business and a substantial reduction in our accounts office staff it was necessary to find a supported but easy to understand and operate property management package that was flexible and would produce monthly, quarterly or in some cases annual invoices. As rents are payable on the first day of the rental period it was essential; these invoices could be raised monthly in advance.

The Solution

Following a period of comparing various solutions we approached Visionbase Software. We were able to load our commercial properties, tenants and details of the tenancy agreements to produce invoices as required. Some modifications were required, for example we have some tenants who rent more than one property, but these were recognised and a workable solution provided.

We run Landlord Manager for Sage invoicing monthly, firstly checking the pre-invoice list and then posting the transactions to Sage. The invoices are then produced and printed directly from Sage.
We have found the software very intuitive and have started to make good use of the extensive management features

The Benefits

Whilst our use of the software for management of commercial property is not strictly what it was designed for we have found it performs well in our environment. With any change to system things will go wrong but, over the years, we have found that Visionbase software were friendly prompt and efficient in dealing with any issues or concerns we have had.

I have no hesitation in recommending Visionbase software and Landlord Manager for Sage.

Thomas Hampshire Ltd Mike Thomas, Managing Director

One of the biggest problems with the software was that it lacked any accounting functionality. This meant we had to double entry all of our accounting information onto Sage. The software was expensive and if you wanted to use all of the functions available you had to buy add-ons. The reporting was limited and very time consuming. We often had to create our own reports within the software as the generic ones didn’t provide the information required. We constantly had bugging issues and updates and fixes came out faster than we could keep up.

The Solution

After a very time consuming year end in 2011, our accountants mentioned that they had heard about some new property management software that worked in conjunction with Sage and recommended Landlord Manager to us. After discussing our requirements with the guys at Landlord Manager, we arranged an online demo of Landlord Manager for Sage and were shown its capabilities in some depth. We were instantly impressed with the software and felt that it would be a huge help and improvement over the software that we were running. Its biggest draw being that it linked to Sage and so we could have all of our financial data available in both programmes and without the need to double entry.

The Benefits

Having used our previous software for 17 years, we were extremely nervous in the beginning of how we would adjust Landlord Manager in practice. We had estimated that it would take us a few months to get to grips with the new system but to our surprise (and great pleasure!) the software was extremely easy to use and took only a matter of days to feel comfortable with. The online support feature is great with answers to questions/problems given quickly.

Since installing Landlord Manager we haven’t looked back. From simple things like being able to import emails from Outlook straight into a tenant record to being able to see all relevant financial information at the click of a button, the software provides a great solution and we would happily recommend it.

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